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Teens Helping Teens

CONTACT Teen Line offers teens an avenue to talk about their problems confidentially.

Volunteers are on line to answer calls 24 hours a day.

Problems of drug use, peer pressure, dating, depression, parent/teen problems, friends, teen pregnancy, alcohol and thoughts of suicide are many of the problems that teens face on a daily basis.

CONTACT volunteers are on line to help sort out the problems.

  • Free "teen-to-teen" peer helpline service
  • Provides non-judgmental, confidential support
  • Allows teens to talk about the stresses in their lives and how they might be managed

CONTACT's TeenLine provides outreach to youth in the community with TeenLine, a teen to teen confidential helpline. TeenLine offers a nonjudgmental person of the same age group to listen and support the caller and, if appropriate, to provide referrals for any further resources that may be needed.

TeenLine is a safe place where teens can talk to other teens about the stresses in their lives and discuss ways to manage those stresses. TeenLine also offers the support and adult supervision of CONTACT's Helpline should crisis intervention be needed. This program is available to middle and high school students.

Our TeenLine program provides skills training, supervisory guidance and responsible duties.  We focus on communicating, being aware of developing values, reaching out for help when needed and learning how to deal with crisis-skills and expectations that promote a positive self-image and self-sufficiency.

TeenLine has limited hours of operation Monday-Friday during the school year.  When teen volunteers are not present to answer or, in an emergency, teen callers have the option of being transferred to one of CONTACT's 24/7 crisis helpline specialists.